For over sixty years, Haddox Reid has been making a difference for our clients

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Our breadth of experience, national alliances and resources make us a very valuable partner to some of the region’s largest companies, while we remain flexible enough to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and individuals.

We are committed to our clients, striving every day to engage them in a manner that is respectful of their industry and individual business. Above all, we treat our client as the unique entity they are, never forcing them into a standard or expecting their needs to be like that of others. We are devoted to lifelong learning and are passionate about doing the right thing to garner the successful outcome our clients deserve. Let us be your advisor, your trusted partner. Start now.

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Because regulatory requirements are always changing, it is important to have experienced auditing and assurance accountants on your financial team. We believe that the best way to meet a client's expectation is to develop a dynamic audit approach that addresses audit risks as well as those risks the client feels are most relevant to their business.

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When it comes to tax services, Haddox Reid has the knowledge and insight to assist clients through the maze of Federal and State tax codes, rules, and regulations. Our dedicated professionals provide a wide variety of tax services. Whether the client needs tax return preparation, gift and estate planning, tax research, or tax saving strategies, Haddox Reid can help.

Our team of experienced personnel specialize in helping clients spend more time managing their business and less time on bookkeeping. Our top priority as a trusted financial adviser is to provide strategies for managing day-to-day accounting procedures. for clients that do not wish to have these services in-house.

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Our experienced accounting and business advisory professionals  provide accurate advice that enable our clients to make smart business decisions without wasting time and money. Our comprehensive expertise is based on specialized industry knowledge and training. Supplying reliable information that enhances our clients ability to confidently solve complex problems helps them make speedy decisions.

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At Haddox Reid, our people are our greatest asset.
They are the foundation and reason for our success.

With this in mind, our goal is to attract, train and retain talented, ambitious professionals who can carry on the tradition of providing the very best in professional services, and who exhibit professional competence, experience and academic preparation. We seek those who exhibit a dedication to hard work, professional development, and innovative thinking.

Whether you are an entry-level or seasoned professional, entering the accounting profession is an exciting experience and a very important decision. If a successful career in public accounting is your goal, you owe it to yourself to consider Haddox Reid. Whether your interests lie in the areas of audit, tax, or management consulting, we can provide you with unlimited opportunities.

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